Abstergo, Lesser god of Void

As a servant of Abstergo, you aim to rid the world of matter to bring back the original purity of nothingness.


Abstergo was, in the beginning of time, when there was no creation, the very mightiest god. He reigned supreme in all area devoid of matter. However, with the influence of Terrae, Roki and Penna, both sky and land have been cluttered with matter of all sorts and Abstergo's might has dwindled significantly. He yearns for the older days when only the void existed, but the other gods hinder him to do this. His rage occasionally manifests itself in large, rectangular gaps in the land, strangely dubbed "chunk errors".
  • Difficulty: Moderately Hard. There is relatively little danger to contend with, but persistence will be needed to acquire all needed materials.

Level 1: Nihilist

Cleanse the surroundings: You are allowed to build a small shack containing all of your goods. Create a quarry mine of at least 25x25x25 blocks under it, to make to shack float above it. Stairs are recommended. Pool of consuming: Acquire a bucket of lava and utilize it to make a lava fall or pool. Lava will be needed to get rid of blocks for good.

Level 2: Dematerializer Slash and Burn

Trees are the greatest nuisance, for they are able to spread on their own. Lay at least 3 forest biomes entirely in ashes using whatever you need. Any forest goes. Fights objects with objects: Create a mob grinder capable of processing creepers. Copious amounts of gunpowder will soon be needed.

Level 3: Fading Entity

Down to the core: Deepen your quarry mine to expose bedrock along the entire bottom. Bedrock is the greatest enemy of all.

No world unturned: Create a portal to the Nether. Dig a quarry mine to the top of the Nether, directly under the Overworld quarry mine.

Level 4: Disanchorage

Apocalyptic collision: Layer the entire bedrock surface of both mines in TNT. Using redstone repeaters, delay the explosion in one of the worlds long enough to time the explosion in the other world at the same moment. In this crazed bid of annihilation, the two worlds shall pour into each other and entirely desintegrate one another. Stand in the explosion and delete the world upon death. You have fulfilled the will of Abstergo and undone creation.

Optional Challenges:

  • This path cannot be started until you physically become aware of the void. Dig to bedrock level, find a hole that you can fall through. Jump in, die, and respawn with a new awareness of the universe.