Architectra is the minor spirit of architecture and the little known sister of Simoeis. She focuses more on beauty than raw size. She has only appeared to one person , Dan. She came to him to build with style and recorded his trials so all may learn the proper way of construction.

Playing this path is rather easy materials wise. One of the most artistically challenging paths, it focuses on building, aesthetics, and beautiful functionality. Materials: Natural to what biome you are building in, NO structures in the Nether. Architectra's acolytes have no business in Net's domain, unless gathering materials. Colors:  Blue, white, gray, and in some areas, black. Food : It is neccesary for all to eat, avoid rotten flesh if possible, Architectra's followers are not poor beggars. Biomes : Any, except the ugly nether. Armor : None, if possible. Architectra does not like relics of Roki so close to her followers. Weapons : Whatever the sit uation needs. Mobs are replaceable, but followers are not. Shrine:(Isn't required until stage 3.)Standard pixel art of your skin. Architectra enjoys vanity in her followers,

Stage one:Manual Laborer Start : Build a structure with a volume of at least 500 blocks(not counting underground.) Step 2:Create a cobblestone generator, lest you have to delve into Roki's domain for something as simple as cobblestone. Step 3:Create 5 paintings to decorate your home. Step 4:Construct a circular stone brick tower with a radius if atleast 8. Make this at least 5 stories. This is your stronghold if the time should come that you need it.

Stage 2:Beginning of architecture Step 1:Craft full diamond tools to ease any mistakes you may make. Step 2:Create a large pool with a fenced area around it in your backyard. Step 3:Create a shrine to Roki or Net and destroy it, then destroy the items in any way. Step 4:Create any of these to add to the beauty of your home : Hedge Garden, Koi Pond(Actually a squid pond, wait for them to spawn.)Large columns of something that complements your house, an archway for an entrance, with iron bar or fence walls around your general area.

Stage 3:You got this stuff. Step 1: Make your house have at least a 1500 cubic foot interior. Step 2:Create a glass bio-dome for all farming needs. Step 3:Move all unaesthetic pleasing things (furnaces crafting tables etc.) to an underground chamber.(These items depend on your texture pack.) Step 4:Create a tower of any material complementary to the biome up to the sky limit. It should be bigger than your last resort tower, it doesn't have to be, it simply looks better.

Master of Construction(Optional, but very hard.) Create a city with walls higher than 20 blocks at least 5 blocks thick, around a large city. Must contain greater than 9 chunks(16x16 areas) and contain everything necessary for life. Continue adding to this city until it is finished to your tastes. Note:Architectra doesn't mind you worshipping another god so long isn't Net or Roki.