• NearlyNon

    Beginning an AAR

    June 27, 2016 by NearlyNon

    So the main reason I'm overhauling Cubeiasm is to be able to use it easier in my own Minecraft games, so I guess I'll be holding an After Action Report in my blog. An AAR is a textual LP, typically written in character in past tense.

    I am playing with the Refugee to Regent challenge on the FTB Infinity pack with some added mods (Opencomputers, TIS-3D). Due to not taking pictures until now (d'oh!) I'll do a short recap. The next entries will be shorter, have pictures, and be more interesting.

    Current stage of RTR: wood. Current stage of the Lady of the Pasture's path: 1.

    I lived in a village once. It was taken away before I can even recall by Net's monsters. But as I tried to escape, I saw something amazing. A shining figure in a white, flowin…

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  • NearlyNon

    The formatting in the Cubeiasm Wiki is very inconsistent: poorly implemented, redundant, sometimes using random HTML tags instead of standard. I am going to unify them all, using the Belgo page as a 'template', since I have already cleaned it up to what I believe is the best formatting. The advantages of this formatting is:

    • There are no excess "---"s around pages
    • This forms editable sections that can be edited separately, making it easier to collaborate
    • This is using the benefits of Wikia formatting to its fullest.
    • This keeps all the information neatly oragnized

    Compare this to some other pages and you will see the differences.

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  • Bbgun09

    So I was mining at bedrock for some diamonds when suddenly...

    A wild creeper appears!


    And it did not kill me, it knocked me into a lava pool...

    I had diamonds...

    Damn you to the nether, Net.

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