Food-Based Gods Edit

Food based deities are typically spirits that have manifested from the life energy of various foods. Food based gods must be heavily food related and are typically quirky in mood, though some take it more seriously. To be a food-based god you must be able to pin down an exact food the God obsesses over, have tasks related to said food (if not the consumption thereof) and the food must be integrated into the general theme rather than "tacked-on".

Gods Edit


Main article: Crustulia

Crustulia was a friend of Gluceo and created cookies. Most people preferred Gluceo's cake, so Crustulia holds a grudge against Gluceo now and attempts to spread the love of cookies with everyone...


Main article: Fructum

Toximit created Fructum, but was jealous that he had became friends with the other gods. Fructum was banished into the mineshafts.


Main article: Gluceo

Gluceo created cakes, and was friends with Crustulia before they became jealous. Gluceo spreads cake obsession across the land to this day...

The Lady of the Pasture

Main article: Lady of the Pasture

The Lady of the Pasture was a human rancher whose spirit was reincarnated by Terrae for her faithfulness. She adopted Net's passive creatures as her own and protects them.


Main article: Moouka

Moouka was created by Net to amuse him. He spreads mushrooms around in the form of a giant mooshroom.

The Holy Apple

Main article: The Holy Apple

The Holy Apple is the king of all apples, and created them. It is unknown how he came to being.


Main article: Toximit

Toximit, created by an accident involving Roki, created pumpkins and is a friend of Gluceo. He created Fructum.


Main article: Wendigo

Wendigo is not so much of a god as it is a demon, a malevolent spirit, the embodiment of gluttony, cannibalism, and depravity. It is an ever-hungry being, focused on devouring all it can to increase its power, or maybe its insanity. Its mind fractured, Wendigo must always feed to remain complacent.