The Great Mysteries

The Great Mysteries are a category of completely unknown entities in the Cubeiasm Universe whose purposes, functions, and goals, are all unknown, even to their Acolytes.

There is no definite proof as to what categories these beings fit into, whether they are Lesser Gods, Minor Gods, Spirits, or Demons, as they are all enigmas.

Currently there are four beings that fit into this category: Darathos of Darkness, Soukia of Sin, Definitis the Paranoid, and the entity known as Kratae.

Rumors have been circulating that the Great Mysteries are all Spirits and Demons of Abstergo, created by and sent to the overworld by him to weaken our defenses for when he returns. This however, is merely speculation, and should not be taken seriously, though these entities should be considered highly dangerous regardless.

The Strengths of the Group

This group is rumored to follow the orders of an unknown master, the current suspect is Abstergo, however it is merely speculation that there even is a mastermind. The members of this group are the most.... unknown and/or troublesome to complete. Acolytes do add portions to the backstory of Cubeaism, and the roleplay experience, as being members of a group with unknown motives adds a sense of intrigue to the world.


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