A Minor God is a god that possesses dominion over a biome or realm, but does not have powers of creation, or is a being possessing powers so great that the Major Gods generally gecognize them as Minor. The Minor Gods are also either original creations of, or are accepted as being Minor Gods by, ArchebuS.

There are currently seven Minor Gods, though more may be added, and some Spirits and Demons may one day rise to this status. This will require strict consideration from the community.

  • Shen – God of the Deserts.</li>

  • Poise – God of the Deep Oceans. He is a powerful, mighty god that demands sacrifice from his Acolytes, his domain is the Deep Ocean, and he possesses the ability to stir the waters to create massive tidal waves, floods, and whirlpools.</li>

  • Cynia – Goddess of the cold Tundra, and Taiga. </li>

  • Penna – Goddess of the Sky and Heavens. Overseer of the world, she has the power to release her tears and cleans the earth, and to throw bolts of lightning to strike those who have upset her.</li>

  • Moouka –of the Mushroom Biomes. Moouka's biomes are a corruptive and warped place which have the power to spread and corrupt other biomes.</li>

  • Glueco – of the Cake. Possesses a level of insanity that is on par with Net, though it can be argued that the mental corruption of his Acolytes is greater than that of Net's. Gluco has also spawned more Spirits and Demons than any other Minor God, and there is a great capacity for him to create more.</li>

  • Nixos – A Human who Ascended to Godhood through higher learning. Once he ascended to their realm, they granted him immortality out of respect. Stay in school, kids.</li>