Other Gods Edit

Other gods are those that defy categorization; whether due to not fitting any of the categories or applying to too many at once to count. Any god that does not fit a theme should go here and it should be discussed whether it should remain a resident of the group or moved into a more fitting theme if one is to be created or it DOES actually fit one.

Gods Edit

Net Edit

Main article: Net

Net is the god of the Nether. He originally created mobs but was banished for creating hostile mobs. He is now a god of madness.


Main article: Roki

Roki is one of the three major gods. He created the underground, ores and minerals. Together with Terrae, he created all of the overworld except for the mobs, which were created by Net. Roki and Terrae banished Net for creating aggressive mobs.


Main article: Terrae

Terrae is one of the major goddesses. Terrae created all the life including plant life. She also created dirt, biomes, and the oceans. She and Roki created the world while Net created the mobs. Net was eventually banished by Terrae and Roki for creating hostile mobs.