The humble warrior of Creeporus.


  Creeporus was a creature forged from Net's final mob ,the Creeper. He was made when a single drop of blood was pumped out of Net's heart. This was combined with Terraes blood to form, Creeporus. He craves destruction and controls the creeper. Roki and Terrae saw him as a threat. So he was banished to the ,Nether, like Net. There sad at the loss of his army of Creepers he created a new threat to the world, the Ghast. Now Creeporus travels through realms as Roki and Terrae weaken. He now controls Creepers and Ghasts.

Materials: Green stuff, Tnt, Gunpowder, Gast tears

Colors: Green, White and Gray.

Biome: Any where your friends the creeper can spawn.

Weapon: Tnt, Flint and Steel, and Sword.

Armor: Anything at all.

Shrine: A 5:1 model of a creeper that can explode.

Food: The skys the limit. Exept no Chickens.


Quest 1: The Creep 

Step 1: Create a nether portal. You will want to see your friends the ghasts. 

Step 2: Create a block of TNT.

You are now known as a Heart Soldier.

Quest 2: The C4

Step 1: Line your house with Tnt and always be ready to set it off. 

Step 2: Find One diamond. Once found let a creeper blow it up.

You are now known as The Kamikaze warrior.

Quest 3: Relocate

Step 1: You must relocate to the nether and only go out for Tnt and to bring creepers in.

Step 2: Bring 15 creepers into the nether. This will apease Net creeporus's maker. It will apease him to see his final Creation.

You are now known as The Demo.

Step 4: The fun part 

Step 1: You may leave the nether now.

Step 2: Explode your original house with the Tnt inside.

Step 3: Now create a 50X50X50 mass of Tnt. Then light it off as a final tribute to Creeporus.

You are now know as the Priest of  Explosions.