This page answers frequently asked questions that appear on the forums or similar settings.

What is Cubeaism? / Is this for serious?

Cubeaism is a set of Minecraft roleplaying challenges, not an actual religion. It exists to provide new roleplaying opportunities and challenges that most people would not typically do in Minecraft, or to provide structure to people who prefer it.

Why not the Developers? / No Herobrine?

Plenty of religions exist around Real-Life Figures, and are typically boring or directionless. This page explains why. The short version is that they are typically uncreative and have rules that seem to make no sense.

Why not deities based around mods?

The Integrating Mods page explains why not, but the short version: Not every player has mods, they are often discontinued quickly, and there are varying interpretations.

Why is the church structure gone from the original version?

It added complexity for the admins and "enforced" doing the paths in a single way; the newer path versions encourage creativity and interesting things over challenges.