Cubslam Is a simple cubiastic spinoff religion. It is a Trinitarian Monotheistic Interpretation. There is one God : RoNeTe, Who was wrongly interpreted as three gods, but are still three persons. His name Must be spelled like that too. He sent the prophet Daceaus to tell us that he is only one God. When his followers believed they asked RoNeTe's will. There were Fourteen commandments. Daceaus was murdered by traditional cubeaists after the Cubslums raided them for their holy land (Original East Bay).

Now the religion is run in small communities, or large empires. The ordainers and interpreters and holymen are known as kuaraaf. Kuaraafs that double as rulers(i.e. emperors) are called Kuaraayyfs. Kuaraafs should monitor temples, known as Khej'ej, where sacrifice, Vae, etc take place. Traditionally, black or violet coloured leather tunics should be warn to Khej'ej.

The CommandmentsEdit

1. The pumpkin pie is an unclean food.

2. Build houses and towns on only the most east side of a continent, island, or defined landform.

3. Heavan is only reachable by killing at least 3 traditional cubeaists or other heathens/heretics, they must die in RoNeTe's name though. Killing of bandits and or pillagers is most encouraged.

4. Livestock Must Be Sacrifed (preferably sheep, not cows).

5. The End is Forbidden, NEVER go there.

6. Build large temples to RoNeTe, you owe him this.

7. Never kill or steal from another Cubslum.

8. Cities should be large, and full of only honest tradesmen. Traders and diplomats are the highest social rank in the eyes of RoNeTe, after rulers and kuaraafs. You may be diplomatic toward non-Cubslums, this is actually encouraged, although commandment three still applies.

9. To your fellow Cubslum you should offer food, shelter, and healthcare.

10. You must celebrate Vae, the feast of Daceaus, every seventeenth night.

11. You mustn't settle in a tundra. Exterminate any and all snow golems upon encounter.

12. Defend your land, and your Khej'ej.

13. You mustn't settle primarily underground

14. When it rains, you are to go inside and wait. Do not work when water falls on you, no exceptions.