• Temple of Ignis
  • Nets Shrine
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The Demon of Fire, Deus Ignis

Deus Ignis (Latin for God of Fire) was a demon summoned by Net. He was a secret, until now. Net has been losing a secret war against Terrea. He told Deus Ignis (Ignis is a nickname) to Go Gather an Army of men to go and help against the war.


  • Desert
  • Really Deep Underground
  • The Nether


  • Netherrack
  • cobblestone
  • fire
  • lava
  • glowstone


  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow


  • any


  • Flint and Steel
  • sword with fire aspect


a Netherrack temple (suggested to get Smooth Netherrack Mod by Higgs1000) with a diamond block above lava in the center of the Temple (if you have smooth Netherrack, then make it out of netherbrick

Level One -- The Begining of Traning:

Get Equiped: Make all wooden tools

Forrbidian Stone: make a stone pick, mine 3 iron then throw the the stone away

House Buildin: Make a ALL wooden house

Level Two - The Traning Begins:

Ironville: mine 64 iron and keep then in a chest at all times, dont take any

Learn to let Go: burn your wood house, when theres alot of fire, scavenge what you can.

Let it Burn: Burn an NPC village (if theres none then build a tower from bedrock to top sky limit and pour lava at the top

Level Three -- Joining the War:

Fight Terraes forces:kill 10 cows, 10 pigs, 10 sheep, and 10 squid. it will make Ignis happier if you BURN THEM ALL, except Squid.

Capture there base: Burn an forest, add lava everywhere then rebuild your house at the center

Hows that Possible: KILL TERRAE (you can skip)

Level Four -- Go home:


Go home: make a nether portal (if you havent) and make Net and Ignis shrine, live in Ignis Shrine.

Almost The End:after finishing the temple, go back to the real world and find a stronhold, then go to the end and kill the ENDERDRAGON.

The Final Offering: Find a nether stronghold and return it to its former glory, then KILL YOURSELF. (make sure youve been taking pictures)

Optional Challenge: Show your dedication to fire by intentionally lighting yourself on fire with a flint and steel on a daily basis. You are forbidden from extinguishing yourself with water when you catch fire, and use of fire resistance potions and fire protection armor at any time is considered heresy.

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