Fara - Goddess of the Far Lands


In the beginning, the world was in relative peace until Net's forces began creeping onto the land of Minecraftia. To protect her lands, Terrae asked Roki to help her create a goddess that could protect her land. They created Fara from a portion of Terrae's soul, and Roki's strength, and some of their combined power. Fara was then sent to guard the ends of the earth. Eventually, Fara played with her land, created a labyrinth filled with strange terrain that monsters and darkness is said to be lost forever in. After centuries of fighting Net's forces, Fara grew weak. It is said that she used up her power during the conflict with Nets' forces. It is rumored that Fara is dead, due to the reappearnce of Net's forces. Now, the majority of Fara's teachings are lost. Those that remain are carefully perserved by her followers. Thoughout the ages, Fara's followers have dwindeled due to the unknown state of their goddess. Only her true followers know that she now exists in a place between the worlds, guarding the metaphysical boundaries between realms.

What She Symbolizes

She symbolizes defense against Net's forces because she fought Nets' forces over many centurys. If you wish to follow her then you will need.....

  • Materials: Glass, Stone, Dirt, Tree Materials (Wood and Leaves, no vines), Ores, and Glowstone
  • Colors: White, Yellow , Green, and Blue
  • Food: Only Bread and Mushroom soup, you are a vegetarian (no eggs or meat!!!!!!) [technically, you are allowed eggs, look up vegetarian before deciding on your final diet]
  • Biomes all except Desert, Swamp, Mushroom, Tundra, and Taiga
  • Armor: all types of armor
  • Weapons: all weapons
  • Shrine: a 3x3 patch of grass with a shrub in the center, place 16 pieces of white wool on the edges of the patch, and then build a dome of glass with the very top open. Around the white wool and on the four corners of the dome, place black wool (to represent Net's forces fighting against Fara who defends Terrae) [bit complicated]

---Level 1--- Fara's Guardians

1. Humble Beginnings: If you spawn in one of the biomes that Fara does not allow you to live in then move to one. Do not destroy or place blocks or kill animals on the journey to the desirable biome. Gather all rescources that that you need and wait until night. Do not build a house or deploy any other buildings yet.

2. At night kill the first monster you see. On the block where the monster died, build the shrine for Fara and build your house and connect it to the shrine. (Do not make your house too fancy, just a simple shack.) Sacrifice something in your inventory.(After you are done building the shrine you must sacrifice some food and one tool to Fara every day at noon.)

---Level 2--- Fara's Follower

1. Build a mine and wheat farm for a constent supply of ores and bread( upgrade all tools and armor when possible. Fara likes new toys) .

2. After you have finished upgrading everything go far from your home but not too far (make sure you can find your way back. Take bread and mushroom soup for your journey. If you die then when you respawn delete the world. Fara does not appreciate weaklings.

3. If you have survived that night you have proven your self worthy of Fara. Sleep that night and when you wake a part of Fara's soul will be inhabiting you.

---Level 3--- Fara's Priest

1. build a 50x50 wall and put arrow defenses on the top.

2. pack up your things and get moving (not everything just enough to survive such as food, armor,weapons Etc. and go find

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