Feirgenirb - Demon of Griefing

This god, Poise's twin brother, was forgotten until a miner named Hero found ancient texts that spoke of him while searching for diamonds. Once Hero saw these ancient texts, his eyes were purified with one desire that he read about in the scrolls: destruction. To become a perfect follower of Feirgenirb, Hero added the end of Feirgenirb's name to his own and reversed it, calling himself Herobrine. Herobrine's one goal is the beginning of Feirgenirb's name reversed: to grief. Griefing is an act that worships Feirgenirb.

Level 1 - Eccentric

  1. Nature Hater - In order to follow the path of destruction, you must start with nature. Any trees that you cut down must have every leaf destroyed before you continue your journey. Destroy any dead shrubs that you see in the desert.
  2. Anti-Terra - Live on top of a tree for at least one Minecraft day without touching the ground. Then, burn the tree you lived in. Make a shrine to Feirgenirb where the tree used to be.
  3. Too Hostile for Shears - Kill sheep and get at least one half stack of wool. If you die, discard all of your previously obtained wool.

Level 2 - Weird

  1. Sandy Starvation - Make a square 5x5 box out of sandstone for your home. Until you finish this level, you may not eat. Build a shrine to Feirgenirb in front of your home.

2. Egyptian - Build at least 5 pyramids. The pyramids have to be at least 5 blocks high and made out of either sand or sandstone.

3. Paranoid - Make at least 9 stone swords in case of monsters. If you use one up, immediately make another.

Level 3 - Creepy

  1. No Time to Eat - Eat and refill your hunger bar to the maximum. Do not refill it again until you are at zero, then completely fill it up again for the rest of this level.

2. Rocky Start - Dig down at least ten levels below sea level. Bring down a stack of wood planks. You may not return to the surface again.

3. Murderer - Kill at least one of each hostile mod type (excluding slimes and the Enderdragon) before going on to the next level.

4. Devout Worshipper - Make a shrine to Feirgenirb and a meditation room with white, gray, and black wool on the walls and floors.

Level 4 - Insane

  1. BOOM! - Make a safe room completely out of obsidian, then stuff it with TNT and blow it up.

2. Self-Destruction - Pour lava in your meditation room and all other rooms other than your shrine room.

3. Diggy Diggy Hole - Dig a staircase down to bedrock level from the side of your shrine room.

4. Perfect Sacrifice - Jump into lava, thereby becoming one with destruction and becoming like Herobrine.