Gluceo created cakes, and was friends with Crustulia before they became jealous. Gluceo spreads cake obsession across the land to this day...



The Cake Faith

Level 1 – Sugar Rush

  • Cake Processing Plant: Build a tiny shed out any materials you prefer. Build entirely from pink and white wool for bonus points. Label the outside of the house with a sign titled “Cake Processing Plant”.
  • Glorious Sugar: Begin the hunt for sugar cane. After procuring some build a small fenced off area outside your processing plant to farm the sugarcane, the larger the better. Include a wheat farm in this area as well.

Level 2 – Diabetic

  • Chicken Pit: Dig straight down (the horror) for about 32 blocks. Ladder all the way back up to the top and then place torches all around your processing plant to increase friendly mob spawns. Any chickens that spawn push them into the pit. Any other mobs should die if they fall in. Climb down every now and again to collect the dropped eggs.
  • Milk Moustache: Try to herd cows that spawn into a fenced off area by the side of your processing plant. Gather as much milk as you have buckets. If you don’t have buckets search some caves for iron and make some. Cakes must be built!

Level 3 – Cake Warrior

  • Victory is Mine!: The time has come to construct your first cake, which shall now be used in your shrine to Glueco. Having harvested the necessary ingredients; bake a cake and place it in the centre of your cake processing plant. This cake is to never be eaten.
  • Food Fight: Bake a new cake and wield it as a weapon. Kill one of every mob with this cake to make Glueco smile.

Level 4 – InCakeSane

  • Om Nom Nom: Never stop building cakes. Never log out of minecraft. Quit your job, drop out of school, use coffee to limit sleeping. Spend your time building cakes. Forever. Layer the minecraft world in them. Cakes FOR THE CAKE GAWD! HOOOOOOWWEEEAAARRGGHHHH !

Optional Challenges

Giant cake of cakes

Optional Challenge for Glueco

  • Build a giant 14x14x8 replica of a cake, fill it with cakes.

Food-Based Deities
CrustuliaFructumGluceoLady of the PastureMooukaThe Holy AppleToximitWendigo

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