Path of Harenam - The Path of Destruction

It is unknown as of the moment who Harenam is related to but he did learn and work under Net. Harenam's Deserts tend to kill anything that hasn't adapted to it, especially in the summer(see seasons mod, and solar apocalypse mod). He isn't an insane maniac like Net, but he is evil. When he created a desert out of Poise's sand, drying up a small lake, it made Poise mad for using what was Poise's main construction material. Thus he was banished to the Nether, Net helped him escape. Once out, he spread his desert's destruction, killing life... Poise soothed the desert a bit with some oaises to help adventurer remain out of Harenam's hands. It is said he is a Demon born of Shens ruthless and violent nature.

CactusCraft Needed

  • Materials: Sand, sandstone, cactus, reed, cobblestone
  • Colours: Grey, sand, yellow
  • Foods: Fish from oasis, desert farms
  • Biomes: DESERT
  • Armour: Anything you can find except iron and gold (as they would burn the inside)
  • Weapon: Cactus sword
  • Shrine: A single raised sand surrounded by sandstone with a full grown cactus on top

-- Level 1 - Initiate of Harenam --

  1. Desert Haven: Build a home with 2 rooms out of the above materials (you can use torches) in the room without an entrance build a bed and a double chest, in the main room build another double chest, workbench and furnace, also you must not have a door to let the cool air chill the house at night, in front build a shrine.
  2. Desert Warrior: Craft a cactus sword.

-- Level 2 - Cactus Maniac --

  1. Farming?: Build a cactus farm, automatic for extra points.
  2. Life!: Find a tree and a piece of dirt, get the dirt, and get a sapling from the tree, dont cut it down, now plant the tree in the desert and you can only use that tree.
  3. Expansion: Build another room to your home and put 3 water in it, this will be your bath, next build a tower on top of the main part of your house and have it reach to at least level 90, build a shrine on top of it.

-- Level 3 - Water Stopper --

  1. Bamboo: Find a reed and plant it next to your bath.
  2. Spit on Poise: Find an oasis near your home and bury all the water in sand.

-- Level 4 - Egyptian --

  1. Expanding: Build a pyramid near your home and relocate all your stuff inside it, destroy your old home and move both shrine inside, put another shrine at the center of the pyramid
  2. Crazy, I think NOT!: Find the border of your desert and build a wall around the entire thing, bonus points for towers