Huon, The Spirit of Exploration and Settlers

  • Materials: Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, Gold, Wool, Iron
  • Colors: Blue, Gold, and White
  • Biomes: Any
  • Weapon: A walking stick (Just a single, seperate stick) (Or a staff of some kind if you've a mod for it)
  • Armor: Leather
  • Food: Fish, Mushrooms, Meat
  • Shrine: (Sorry, no Screens) An arrow of variable design (Cobblestone if your starting area is mostly land, planks if it's water, with a golden tip. Point the arrow in any direction. Bonus points for four shrines in all directions!

Level 1: A Whole New World

Tourist: Play until you're ready to proceed, you'll need torches, maps, and a compass, not to mention your trusty walking stick! Settler: Build a house containing a bed, a double storage chest, and a crafting table/furnace. Attached to the house must be an observation post that's thrice as high as any nearby trees. Finally, construct a 5x5 plot of wheat and maintain it often. Also build a shrine to Huon.

Level 2: Settling the Wilds

What's that over there?: Explore the entirety of your first map. Captain/Engineer!: If your starting area was mostly land, then you must build a railway system that spans atleast half (A quarter if you're lazy) the map, if you started near a large ocean or on an island, build a boat (Bonus points if you make it actually look like a ship) and a dock. Dancing with Wolves: If 1.8 is out, go to an NPC village and expand their village to twice its original size! Remember to build a shrine to Huon!

Level 3: The Grass IS much greener over here!

Explorer: Complete atleast two additional maps of approximately the same unexplored area as your first. Frontiersman: Build a fort of any size/shape and build a shrine to Huon in the middle of both.

Level 4: Expanding your horizons

The sky is the limit!: Build shrines to Huon on top of a frozen mountain, in the Nether, underwater, and on bedrock. Nation-Builder: If 1.8 is released, you may only construct new structures out of the original NPC village you found, making it into a city. To build new towns and villages you must extend a railway to that location, or build a dock/ship as a part of the new town. Build more shrines to Huon and consider yourself the elected president/dictator/pope of your new Nation!

Optional Challenge: Never Stop Exploring! Upon completion of this path, dedicate yourself to travelling and discovering new things. Play a with a Nomadic gamestyle.