Mods can be integrated into Cubeaism in various ways, and various mods can work well with various deities. While gods could be created for individual mods, this is considered bad practice as:

  • Mods may not be in date or relevant in future Minecraft versions
  • Mods are not part of the core game and ergo it creates a 'parallel universe' for each mod combination, complicating the lore
  • Mods should be treated like vanilla mechanics; a source of inspiration rather than 'okay this needs to be a separate mechanic'. Many gods use multiple mechanics, many mechanics have no god specific for them (nether fortresses), and many mechanics have multiple gods dedicated to them (Redstone).
  • People may have different visions for the same mod.

The recommended solution to this is to integrate the mod into existing deities, for instance...

  • Botania, a popular 1.7.10 mod, could be used in Terrae worship and extra challenges to her path could be added for the mod...
  • However it could also be a form of Awye worship using it for violence, or Nadir using it in shrines spread across the plains in a natural manner.

The recommended solution is to post on the Forum:Mod_Discussion board when you have questions about potential interpretations of the mod or how to integrate it into Cubeaism and make it an interesting aspect.

Furthermore, it is highly unlikely Cubeaism will ever get its own mod. The purpose of Cubeaism is to have varying interpretations and executions of the path, with everyone having their own roleplaying flavor of it. If it is created it would be a lot of work for sure.

Popular Interpretations

There are however some shared interpretations of mods:

  • Botania is generally agreed to be a Terrae mod
  • Technology mods are generally related to Knowledge Deities, with each of them having their own preferred branches and usages
  • The Twilight Forest is generally agreed to be requiring an entirely new deity
  • Blood Magic varies, but is generally thought of to be some form of malignant god like Net.