Back when Cubeaism was more "organized", it had various ranks. This page exists solely for posterity describing the original ranking system. Due to various changes, this system is no longer active.

The old ranks were:

  • Acolyte (finish a god path and prove of it via pictures on the main thread)
  • Scribe (Create a god path and post it on the main path) / Artist of Cubeaism (Depict a deity and post it on the wiki page)
  • God of Dragonslaying (A special title for whoever has completed the path of Niudla on the hardest difficulty the most times and the most recently)
  • Saint of Cubeaism (Complete the three major god paths, and post proof via pictures on the main thread)
  • Almighty God of Cubeaism (Invent Cubeaism)

Old ListEdit

The old list is no longer being maintained; do not add or remove anyone from this. You may remove yourself.

  • AbysmalNinja, co-Scibe of Poise (and Acolyte of Terrae)
  • Allison3, Acolyte of Terrae
  • Alpha2Digamma, co-Scribe of Cryona
  • ArchebuS, Almighty God of Cubeaism (Saint of Cubeaism, Ascended at 10:58 AM on the 12th of August, 2011; Scribe of the 10; creator of all Cubeaism; acolytes of many gods)
  • BlueRedstoneGuy, Acolyte of Roki
  • Darkshied001, Acolyte of Terrae
  • Dbone5100, Scribe of Kratae
  • Devonbot, Saint Of Cubeaism, Ascended at 1:00 AM on the 17th of January, 2012 (Acolyte of Roki, Terrae and Net)
  • Empire, Acolyte of Terrae
  • engie_ninja, Scribe of Engie_Ninja
  • Gideon_Seymour, Saint Of Cubeaism, Ascended at 12:08 AM on the 17th of January, 2012 (Acolyte of Roki, Terrae and Net)
  • Holy_Molez, Acolyte of Roki
  • iceyy981, Acolyte of Net
  • K1dsta, Acolyte of Roki
  • Latrommi, Acolyte of Net
  • MarginallyDwarven, God of Dragonslaying (Scribe of Mithros and Niudla; Acolyte of Roki)
  • Rlack, Scribe of Celuda
  • Sealystar, co-Scribe of Many Gods
  • Tigerjt, co-Scribe of Penna
  • Wendigo/DarthBayne, Co-Scribe of Penna
  • WhisperingSiren, co-Scribe of Penna
  • EpicTurtles, Scribe of Wendigo
  • Kalebtbacon, Scribe of Deus Ingis, and Acolyte of Nixos #2