General Edit

Moouka was created by Net to amuse him. He spreads mushrooms around in the form of a giant mooshroom.

Lore Edit

Moouka is the Minor God of Mushrooms. He was originally made by Net for his amusement. Moouka supposedly appears to as a giant Mooshroom, living on one of his Mushroom Islands. It is said that wherever he walks, all grass is turned into Mycelium, the trees turned into Huge Mushrooms, and the cows turned into Mooshrooms.

The Fungal Faith Edit

Level 1 - Initiate of Moouka Edit

  • Swampy origins: Build a shrine to Moouka in a swamp, then build a temporary shelter there.
  • Cows go Mushroom: Take a red mushroom and attack some cows until you can make leather armor. You must maintain this set of armor for the rest of this path.
  • Mmmmm...: Make a bowl of mushroom stew and eat it. Immediatly make another. From now on, you must always have some mushroom stew with you.

Level 2 - Mushroom Caretaker Edit

  • Preperation: Create a bed, a crafting table, a chest, and lots and lots of bowls.I'm here!
  • Move to a Mushroom Biome. Do not take any saplings or wood with you. Only take the things you made in Preperation with you, along with all wool or Mushroom related things (Including Bone Meal & Shears).Make a base out of huge mushrooms: This is pretty self-explanatory.

Level 3 - Mushrooms are good... Edit

  • Mooshrooms are our friends: Find some mooshrooms and shear them. Make huge mushrooms out of those mushrooms, and then kill them with a brown mushroom.
  • But the others aren't: Kill anything that is not a Mooshroom or a cow in your Mushroom biome.
  • Last visit: Go back to your original swamp and take some lilly pads. Get enough so you can place them all around your island, as a barrier against the evil mushroom-stealing Endermen.

Level 4 - Mushroomily Insane Edit

  • Mushrooms are good for your health: Layer the island with mushrooms.
  • And huge ones are better: Turn half of them into Huge Mushrooms.
  • What a wonderful World: Live in your mushroom forest, and eat mushroom stew.

Optional Challenges Edit

  • Spread mycelium for the glory of Moouka!
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