Lore; Nagrahaale is a demon of pestilence, famine, madness and decay. He is thought to be a mutilated and somewhat maddened descendent of Terrae, originally a creature of life and plenty. In ancient days he was cursed for accidentally giving lava a semi-sentience, and was banished by the major over-world gods to the nether, where he slowly turned insane. Some say he's responsible for the undead, as opposed to Net. The one thing that is known is that he is that little voice that tells people to kill. He has few priests, as many fear him, but those who do follow him become, maddened, mutated living corpses who despise good health.

  • Materials; Dirt, mycel, mushrooms.
  • Colours; Pink, red, brown, dull green.
  • Biomes; Mushroom island.
  • Food; Mushrooms, anything that can poison.
  • Weapons; Any.
  • Armour; Any.
  • Shrine; a 3x3 square of mushroom stalks with a giant brown mushroom in the centre and torches on the surrounding stalk blocks.

Level 1; Initiate.

  • To the dying of the over-world! - Find a mushroom island and build a shrine at the highest peak.
  • Embracing disease. - Destroy any farm you may have created (except wheat, you'll need it), live only on the mooshrooms milk and rotten flesh/raw food. Have only one tree on the island, hide it from view and only use it when you really need it.

Level 2; Mutant.

  • Breeding monsters - Breed all the mooshrooms, try and cover the island.
  • Thriving in unlife - destroy you house on the island (if you have one), keep the useful blocks (workbench, furnace, bed, etc).

Level 3; Monster.

  • The world is dying - Create a dirt bridge to the main land (and islands), try and cover the world in mycelium (atleast everything shown on a map).
  • Sigils of decay - create more shrines on the newly infected land.

Level 4; Liche.

  • Conversion - Kill all mobs except mooshroom, and live exclusively on their flesh. Death to all who don't embrace Nagrahaale's gift.
  • Testament to pestilence - Rid the infected land of generated structures (trees, villages, dungeons, strongholds, etc) and create chapels from giant mushrooms.

Level 5; Reaper.

  • You've cleansed the world of life, now build a gigantic temple at spawn, make a pit of lava inside and watch your own life slip away. The world is finally is Nagrahaale intended.