Quilsua: The Hope Faith Edit

       Quilsua is a little-known goddess, with few followers. It is generally agreed that she is the sister of Penna and Cynia. Like Penna, she fled to the realm of the heavens to live in peace. Yet, she still cared to bring peace, joy, and hope into the world beyond. This came in the form of dreams, planted in the hearts and minds of humans. She has done such ever since, bringing light into lands of darkness. 

Materials: Sand, sandstone, glowstone, glass, snow, wool, and gold.

Colors: White, light blue, gold, pink, and cream

Foods: Bread, apples, melons, and raw fish.

Armor: A golden breastplate and helmet.

Weapon: None

Shrine: A plus sign of snow, with glass at the corners and middle (first stage). Another block of glass and a block of gold should be placed onto of the middle (second stage).

--Level One – Day-Dreamer--

Into the Wilderness: You leave the safety of society and venture into the wilderness. Continue, only building a home to hide during the night, until you arrive in a taiga.

Simple Shelter: Upon arrival, you build a 3x3x3 home of white wool. In front of your shelter, build the first stage of Quilsua’s shrine.

--Level Two – Heavy Sleeper--

Never Dreamless: From now on, you must sleep every night, unless you have no access to a bed.

Peace: You must never harm a mob or consume meat again. Fish is permitted, but it must not be tainted by fire and coal, and must be eaten the moment it is caught.

Guardian: You surround your small home with a ring of torches, chasing away the shadows.

Completion: Expand your shrine to Quilsua into the second stage.

--Level Three – Starcatcher--

Head in the Clouds: You follow Quilsua up, into the sky. You burn your old home, re-collect the pieces of Quilsua’s shrine, and build a tower of wood above the clouds. Returning is looked down upon, and may only be done if you must.

Self-Sufficent: You may no longer eat fish, and must survive on nothing but plants. You build a farm on your lofty perch to supply a steady stream of food.

A New Star: You cover your new home in torches, eliminating every speck of shadow.

Sacrifice: Every day, as the sun is rising, you must cast 5 blocks of sand and 5 blocks of glass onto your shrine        to Quilsua.                                                                                                                                                                   Level Four – Dreamweaver--

Freeing the Spirit: Now, it is time to be free. Light your home alight, destroy the platform and tower you climbed up with. When all the remains is the shrine itself, toss your belongings to the ground, and stand atop the center of the shrine until your hunger is at zero. Then, leap to the ground and let your spirit rise, to be with Quilsua evermore.