The Path of Rifl -- The Hunter's Faith:

Rifl is the Spirit of Terrae's love of hunting and gathering and living off of the land.

Biomes: Forest, Plains, Tiaga, Jungle

Materials: Logs, Planks, Cobblestone, Leaves, Glass

Colours: Green, Brown, Grey

Armour: Leather

Food: Anything scavenged from the land. No farming

Weapons: Bow, Iron Sword

Shrine: Your home is your shrine

Level One -- Hunting Preparation:

Marksmanship: Gather materials to construct a bow and gather half a stack of arrows. The bow must constantly be on your hotbar

Camp for the Night: Using the materials above, create a camoflaged base deep in one of the listed biomes

Suiting Up: Gather enough leather (Using your bow, of course), to craft a full suit of armor. If you lose or break any armor items, replace them as soon as possible. Not to do so is an insult to Rifl.

Level Two -- Easy Prey:

Moooving up: Kill ten cows from range

Porkers Kickin' the Bucket: Assassinate 15 pigs from range

Baaaye Bye: Headshot 12 sheep. If neccesary, shear first

Cluckin' Dead: Impale 15 chickens from range. (BONUS) Throw their offspring (eggs) into lava, just for some fun >:)

Level Three -- Time for a New Gun:

On the Home Stretch: Head on back home. Throw your old bow away. The guilt is overwhelming. Craft a new one, by the way, and re-stock up on arrows

Now THAT'S a Good Bow!: Reach Level 20. Blow your levels on a bow enchantment

CQC: Craft yourself an iron sword. You'll need it.

Trophies of My Expiditions: Create an underground room with an entrance near/in your base. Create glass cases for mobs to be lured into (Make sure to have pits reaching to the surface; mobs need to fall in. You can fill these in later). You'll need a total of one 1 x 1 case (For a chicken). One 1 x 2 case for a wolf. Four 2 x 2 cases for cows, pigs, spiders, and sheep. Four 2 x 1 cases for testificates, skeletons, zombies, and creepers. Finally, a 3x1 case for an Enderman.

Level Four -- The Final Expidition:

Complete your trophies: Self-explanitory. After this, Rifl will be pleased at his new alcoyote... you.

Optional Challenge: This path may not be started until you... starve to within one heart. Only in the bowels of your despair and despiration will you find your true hunter.

Optional Challenge #2: In SMP: Play a Nomadic Playstyle, actively hunting and killing all the animals you see. Return to civilization only when your inventory is full, to trade your overstock of food, and other drops for new swords, bows, and arrows. Return to the wilderness after your transactions with the locals is complete.