Path of Soukia

  • Materials: Endstone, obsidian, stone bricks, black and purple wool, jack o' lanterns and iron rails
  • Colours: Black and Purple
  • Food: Rotting Flesh
  • Biomes: Desert, anywhere underground
  • Armour: Gold
  • weapon: Iron Hoe
  • shrine: 4 jack o' lanterns facing outwards from a stone brick, then place a 3 tall tower of iron rails on top of it all. After that, place obsidian on the side rails and place lava in the middle.

Level 0 - Hearing my Voice.... (OPTIONAL)

  • Did you hear that?: Start another deity's path. Once you have completed a challenge, commit blasphemy. Go against that deity's orders and start following Soukia's word.

Level 1 —Disciple of Soukia

  • I need it…: Build a room at layer 20 using the materials above. Then, spend 6 days looking for iron, gold and diamond. On the 7th day, turn it all into blocks and put it in the room.
  • The Grim Reaper: Build yourself an iron hoe. This is the only weapon you can have. If it breaks, immediately craft a new one.

Level 2 — The Hatred

  • The Power is Growing! : Make a side room from the wealth room and put your workbench, furnace, lava incinerator, and double chest in here. Build a shrine to Soukia and throw 20 saplings into the lava.
  • Net’s Envy: Build a portal to the nether under your wealth room. Kill 10 ghasts by hitting their fireballs back at them.

Level 3 — The Obsessed

  • The Pride in Armour: Craft yourself a full set of gold armour. You must always wear it and if any part of it breaks, immediately craft a new set.
  • Acedia of Nature: Go across the world and burn down everything flammable. Every 25 blocks you go, build a nether portal for net to see. You have to build 7 portals.
  • Tears of Vainglory: Throw 9 ghast tears into the shrine.

Level 4 — The Deadly

  • The Tower of Babel: Build a tower which is at least 20 blocks wide using the materials above. It has to go to the height limit and on every floor; there must be a shrine to Soukia.
  • The Betrayal of Net: Every mob in the tower of babel and around has to be killed. If you get killed during it, Net will turn you into a zombie pigman and you lose. Delete the world and start again.


It is said that Soukia is infact a Demon of Humanity; the form of the Seven Deadly Sins that exist within all mankind. This however, while logical, does not entirely fit for Soukia. Soukia is infact one of the Great Mysteries, as in her time since she appeared within the Cubaism Universe, has served an unknown purpose, whispering malicious, suggestive messages into the ears of the faithful followers of other gods. She is responsible for a number of Acolytes turning away from their paths, commiting acts of taboo against their gods.