Shrine of Stormblade

"First, there was nothing, then there was the lightning"

Having been sapped of most of their power, Roki and Terrae needed someone to keep an eye on Steve with them, and provide him with the power to win over his enemies. They located the last mortal who had survived the First Coming, a man named Stormblade. Stormblade specialized in the art of war. Delighted with their choice, Roki and Terrae set about preparing. Roki appeared to Stormblade as a rock golem, and told him of the coming events. Finally, on the set day, a thunderstorm of godly power arrived over Stormblade's home. Stormblade walked outside, fully clad in iron, and drew his iron sword, letting a bolt of blue lightning hit it. The lightning turned Stormblade's armor and sword a silvery blue, and turning Stormblade into the god of War and Storms.

  • Materials: Blue, gray and black wool, smoothstone and stone bricks, pine wood, Lapis.
  • Colors: Blue, Gray, Black
  • Food: any kind of meat and melons. Why melons? Small incident involving Fructum and the Nether...
  • Biomes: Taiga, Forest
  • Armor: Leather, Iron
  • Weapon: Sword enchanted with Sharpness V, Bow with Power V

Level One: To a God UnknownEdit

Task One, The Path to War: Play Minecraft normally until you are ready to start this path,

Task Two, Unturned Inductee: Kill 3 of each mob in game except slimes, endermen(Stormblade has a liking for all endercreatures, except the Enderdragon) and spider jockeys.

Task Three, The Priest and Shrine: If you haven't already, kill enough cows with a stone sword to get leather to make a full suit of armor. Dye everything black, except the hat, which you dye blue. This is your uniform until you reach level 3. Once you have put on your uniform, build a shrine like the one shown.

Level Two: _Edit

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