This document describes the style of writing that will be used on the wiki. This one is to be used as the primary authority, Minecraft Wiki style guide as the secondary authority. If anything said in this one conflicts with the Minecraft Wiki style guide, use this one.

Certain articles may be grandfathered in or not yet updated to follow the style guide. In addition to this, read the Wiki Workflow.

Minecraft Specifics

  • Never mention specific versions; it is to be assumed that all players are playing on the most current version. Any players playing on a previous version which does not have a relevant feature will find their own alternative naturally and may post it on the forums.
  • Upcoming content should be discussed as if it is already accessible to avoid having to adjust the guide once it is out.
  • Community nicknames should be avoided for items/mobs, e.g. Testificate should be avoided in preference of Villager.
  • Mods should be only discussed in the forums, user pages or blog posts.
  • Guides should be written in user pages, the forums, or blog posts. If you wish for a guide to be added to the wiki completely, post it on the forums.
  • Prominent minigames may get their own articles if they are integrated into the lore enough to be worthy of one. Otherwise, discuss it on the forums and if approved add it to Category:Minigames.

General Formatting

  • All pages should follow the relevant template. Themes should use the theme template, deities their template, so on and so forth.
  • Lore should be written in block quotes as though it is being quoted from the scripture of the deity.
  • Bold should only be used for a new bullet point
  • ISO standard date representation only; YYYY-MM-DD.


  • Lore should be written in the point of view of the scripture of the deity; if it is contradictory to the lore of Cubeaism an explanation should be put afterwards.
  • The general overview should be written objectively and give the canonical facts about the deity.
  • The challenges may be written in any form as long as they are understandable. Levels should be used to be able to give general progress points, however.
  • Texture packs should be mentioned only on the Forums, as they are not always up to date or usable. They should not be optional challenges.
  • "Cubeaism", not "Cubeiasm".
  • Proper grammar should be used, American English is to be preferred.
  • Do not reference real-world only events, religions or groups; they do not exist in the Cubeaism universe. This includes anyone listed in the Real-Life Figures page.