The Second Church of Shen was founded by theologians who believed the original religion of Shen to be corrupted by men and in need of reform.

When the original followers of Shen attacked the heathens, the heathens who were put to convert at knifepoint did not conform to the dogma of Shen, but rather appropriated the god to fit their existing customs. The founding theologians of the heathen tribes believed that the other existing gods were vain, jealous, violent and petty. They were not senselessly warlike, and not nearly as demanding as the Shen of the orthodox tradition.

The new face of Shen was not a ruthless destroyer who bred warriors only to make senseless war. He was a god whose only demand was devotion. This devotion was to be expressed in three ways.

  1. Defending the Pride and Name of Shen
  2. Building Temples[with Shrines] and Making Art that was Magnificent
  3. Believing in, but Shunning the other Gods