The Great ShiftEdit

Rumours are abound of an event called The Great Shift. When Net will tear the very barrier between the Nether and the Surface world to unleash his anger once more. He will spread fire and lava across the world and bathe the followers of his siblings in pain. The followers of Roki will be buried in gravel in the depths of the earth, and the followers of Terrae's will be beaten to death by trees that Net himself will rend from the ground. Net's followers will be given the ashen groves and the empty halls of their previous owners and tasked with turning them into monuments of the Great Shift.

The first sign of Net's return will be the appearance of the Endermen. Beings that are said to be drawn to shifts in reality, cursed with the insanity to constantly re-arrange the environment around them. Looking at an Enderman causes it great distress, as doing so traps the creature in your reality and solidifies its physical existence. These creates are not entirely substantial, and exist in multiple realities at once. This gives them the ability to break certain rules in any one reality. They have been known to warp great distances in the blink of an eye but only display this ability when angered.