Timeline Edit

This timeline is largely incomplete. Please be patient while I finish it. Edit

  • Abstergo forms. He rules over the void, and is the only thing in existence.
  • Terrae, Roki, and Net form. Terrae and Roki create the world, and Net creates a chicken. Abstergo is thrown out of power.
  • Net creates other mobs: pigs, sheeps, cows, wolves and squids.
  • Terrae and Roki teach Net how to focus his power, and he creates the first human.
  • Terrae and Roki decide to take turns to watch the world.
  • Net, bored, creates a slime. Terrae and Roki banish it to live deep underground because it is hostile.
  • In anger, Net cuts off his ear to create the zombie. It begins to kill off the humans.
  • Net sacrifices a bone and 8 of his toes to create the skeleton and the spider.
  • Terrae and Roki realise Net is insane and pool together their powers to banish him to the Nether. Terrae curses his monsters with fire- or in the case of the spider, blindness- when she looks upon them. Before Net leaves, he rips out his heart and creates the Creeper. This is immune to Terrae's eye.
  • The monsters wipe out humanity.
  • Terrae and Roki begin to build up energy. It reaches critical mass and implodes, forming Furan in the Nether
  • Furan comes across Net sleeping, and sets him on fire. Net accepts Furan as his son, and they have some bonding time (setting things on fire together.)
  • Net explains the history of the universe to his son, and helps Furan create zombie pigmen and endermen.
  • Furan creates a portal and journeys to the Overworld. He sets a massive fire.
  • Terrae and Roki angrily give Furan a scar down his face. To get revenge, Furan created the Enderdragon.
  • Furan realized it was not right for him to destroy the Overworld. To make up for his crimes he created a second race of humans- more commonly known as villagers. He distances himself from the world.
  • End'ar takes control of the Endermen. Darathos takes the Ender Dragon as his pet.
  • Terrae and Roki create one last human- Steve.