Toximit, created by an accident involving Roki, created pumpkins and is a friend of Gluceo. He created Fructum.


One day as Terrae was looking around the world, she saw these orange horrifying and evil looking things but, she kept them anyways because it must have happened for a reason. When Roki saw these patches, he was mad at Terrae for not telling him about them, so mad that he wasn't paying attention to where he was walking that he got his foot stuck in a ravine and he had to cut it off to get out. The next day after they settled the argument and were going to get rid of the orange things but then, they saw that Roki's leg that he had to cut off became a new god! The god referred to himself as Toximit, although Terrae and Roki didn't want a new god they let him stay, the next day they saw him wearing an orange thing he called a pumpkin (that he supposedly created) and running around and playing in the snow (Mind you, Toximit was a child at this time!) Terrae thought he was the cutest little thing ever while Roki thought Toximit should grow up and train every day not just play around like a fool. Toximit grew up eventually and tried to be friends with the other lesser gods but Poise ignored him and Toximit was too shy to talk to Wendigo and Penna... so he was friends with Glueco the cake loving god.

The Pumpkin Path

Level 1 - Nomad4pumpkinz

  • Search the lands for pumpkins then find an appropiate biome to live in.

Level 2 - Pumpkins are my life!

  • Have a shrine of Toximit by your home and have pumpkins outside your home.

Level 3 - Cakes are nice too dawg!

  • Have a pumpkin table in your home and put a cake on top of it to symbolize the friendship between Toximit and Glueco

Level 4 - Lives in a pumpkin in the forest! TOX-IMIT!

  • Make a huge pumpkin in a snow or forest biome and move into it, then after that make a map when in the middle of your home and go to the farthest point north in a biome listed above and put a shrine to Toximit repeat for south west and east.

Congratulations! You're a follower of Toximit and a proud pumpkin archer!

Optional Challenges

  • Wear a pumpkin on your head at all times, you can hear Toximit's voice better with it on. If for some reason you need to take it off, place the pumpkin on the ground in a place where it can watch you work.
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